God Blessed Morning Family! 

Thank God for the Rain which falls from above for in every aspect of our Lives it serves a purpose. For when it rains it not only washes away the dirt and dust it gives Life to the soil, trees and vegetation. It brings water not only to the earth but also its inhabitants, the insects and animals as well as replenishes that which evaporated from the lakes, streams and oceans. It brings water which is a natural source of our being, for we are 2/3 water which helps to filter our kidneys and liver of toxins we take in through our food, beverages and the surrounding environment. It is important that we stay hydrated with water to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle for when we are dehydrated we tend to lose focus and lack the necessary concentration to be as productive as we were designed to be. For dehydration is our enemy for it does damage not only to our brain but also our skin, eyes, and other major body parts. Studies have shown that our words have the power to change the energy of water. The study conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto documented in his novel, "The Hidden Messages In Water" details how your positive or negative words can change the physical crystal formation of water. Think about it if we are 2/3 water why would we not want to replenish our bodies with water so that when we surround ourselves with positive words we can change not only our thoughts but also our physical make up. For example if you are ill water will help with your recovery by aiding in the flushing out of toxins and impurities but as we are ill and we Pray for health along with our loved ones our words will help to heal our temples because they will take form in the water we have replenished our temples with. Take nothing for granted, for God gave us water and Life Watering Words to not only heal our Soul but also our temple. For in every Life some rain must fall but it is not all Lives in which rain will be unwelcome for it does far more good than damage to our environment,  our temples and our Souls.  Be Still And Know That I Am.



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