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God Blessed Morning Family! 

Time is a gift from God in which we cannot hold onto for a Lifetime for it is fleeting but at the same time every moment we spend in the physical is precious.It is important that we use our time wisely but also as we are productive we should also use it to celebrate and give Praise to God. Every morning when I rise I use my time to Praise God and communicate with Him through Prayer. For me these conversations are important and remind me of my purpose and puts everything else into perspective. For no matter what occurs through out the day I Know that I spent the first few moments of my time in contact with my Inner Divine and giving Thanks for what has occurred and what is to come over the course of time in which He has Blessed me with to spend with Him and you. For time is most enjoyable when I Am in His presence and the presence of my Loved Ones, for when I put all matters into perspective I Am clear that each moment is defined by Him to fulfill a specific purpose that I might not understand at the time but sometime during my journey it will become clear. For no moment is waisted not even when you think you are sitting idle your thoughts and mind are putting things together that you will soon put into words and action. For time is precious and it waits for no one but it can never be waisted for what you do with it is always in His presence and time spent with God is always time well spent, for everything occurs in God's Time. Be Still And Know That I Am. 




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365 Days of Affirmations

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