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God Blessed Morning Family! 

Hallelujah, for we are all His Children, and we should celebrate this reality every day by shouting it to the World and treating one another as we would our Family, and our Loved Ones, for in the end we are all One. The beauty of being One allows us the opportunity to see our similarities and differences of the flesh, but also our oneness in Spirit as He sees us through His loving eyes as we all carry a part of Him Within all of us. For His Love for us is unconditional and without judgment or limitations for we are His Children, made by Him in His image and given a specific and unique destiny that defines us for He has ordained our destiny. Each encounter with one another is calculated and serves a purpose if not to move us closer to each other and our destiny it is also to help us with our Spiritual growth, for there are no coincidences, nor do events occur without a purpose for every encounter teaches us something and allows us to share our Spiritual growth with one another. For as we are divided by oceans, continents and our language and culture we will never be divided in Spirit, for as His Children we will always remain connected together as  One and this is why we must celebrate and Praise Him everyday. Hallelujah. Be Still And Know That I Am. 




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365 Days of Affirmations

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