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God Blessed Morning Family! 

In order to save lives you must be willing to give your life, for this is a ultimate act of service and selflessness which is what Jesus did in order to save our Souls and give us Eternal Life. How many of us are prepared to serve God in this manner? Jesus was willing to do whatever was necessary, for to give selflessly is and ultimate act of Love and because of Him we are saved and given the gift of unconditional Love and Eternal Life. For our lives begin when we care for others for it is in the process of caring in which we learn to value the Lives of others and our own for in this giving capacity we begin to see our true purpose of Being of service to God and His Children. Caregivers are all around you no matter what their chosen occupation we are all capable of caring for one another when we stop thinking about our own wellbeing and give consideration to others first we learn what it is to be selfless. As Jesus walked the earth He wanted for nothing for everywhere He went all His needs were provided for because He thought of and served others first the loving energy of selflessness was returned unto Him which allowed Him to continue to be of service to all of the Children of God. Start your day in care of others and you will find that Joy will be your companion for when you give as little as a smile or kind word that energy of caring and Love is exchanged between you and the recipient and it spreads to all those who witness this act of kindness as well as those who will follow in its path for this energy attracts similar acts of kindness through the selfless act of caring for others which is the ultimate act of giving of Life and Being of Service to God and His Children. Be Still And Know That I Am.




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365 Days of Affirmations

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