God Blessed Morning Family! 

It is a wonderful feeling to be able to Give to those you Love. It pleases God when we give to His Children for it is one of the highest forms of service of Love from the depths of our Soul. But there is one thing you must caution yourself about being a giver of Love and that is you must also balance it with being a receiver of Love as well. For to give from the heart is enlightening, exhilarating and tends to leave the giver in a state of euphoria that can be addictive and lead to self-serving behavior that is not from Love but from ego. To receive also allows us to not only humble ourselves but also allows us to see what it is to give through the eyes of the giver, but there must be a healthy and Spiritual balance through both acts of Love. For to Give is a show of Divine Love, Mercy and Grace and to Receive is an act of Humility, Worthiness and acceptance of the Agape Love that is being bestowed upon you by the giver. I say this because most of us find it difficult to receive and much easier to give because when we give there is a spirirual feeling connected with the act of providing someone with something from your heart for it is an act that requires an emotional connection with the receiver. But I say it is most difficult for us to receive because most of the time we don't see ourselves as worthy and capable of being held in such a Loving Light of our Brothers. For it is said that to Give is Divine but not much is said about the act of receiving for it has been given the context that those who receive cannot do for themselves or they are to be honored at a level of royalty which might make the receiver feel slightly uncomfortable. But God wants us to Know that we are worthy of both in the highest regard for He wants His Children to be of service to one another and the only way to do that is to be a Giver and Receiver of said services, for each act is an act of Agape Love. He Still And Know That I Am.



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