God Blessed Morning Family! 

With God By Your Side All Things Can Be Endured And All Things Are Possible. When I feel a little anxiety about a task I need to complete within a specific time frame I give it over to God, for I Know all things are possible through Him. I don't just say, "God I release this unto you", I allow myself to visualize how it would look and feel to have that specific task completed and see myself actually completing the task on time. Once I do this I get a clear understanding of what I am capable of doing in God's presence. The process may not be exactly as I imagined but my anxiety is removed and the outcome is exactly what I requested because I gave it over to God. In this Life we will all have challenges and it will not matter if these challenges are fair in our eyes or if they are justified all that will matter is that we have the Power of God on our side. Don't ever give up for in doing so you are saying you have doubt not only on yourself but also in God. Don't ever question what instinctively comes to mind for it is this instinct which are whispers from God giving you the necessary guidance to achieve your goals. Don't let anxiety, fear and doubt bully you, fight back and let it be known that as a Child of God anxiety, fear and doubt have no place in your Life for with God by your side everything and anything is possible for the impossible is only for those who place limits on themselves and what God can do for them. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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