God Blessed Morning Family!

Friendship is a relationship that should never be taken for granted nor should it be taken advantage of. For it is our Friends in which we do not share the same DNA but we 

choose to have them share in the most detailed and intimate part of our Lives. We make Life decisions and our Friends share in or witness the emotional roller-coaster in which we experience because to our Friends our Joy and pain is also theirs for they have dedicated their heart and Soul into their relationship with us as we have done similarly with them. How close do you hold your Frienships and to what lengths will you go to in order to help a Friend? For it is our Friends that sincerely care for us even though they are not bonded to us through DNA, they are bonded through their Souls for we did not meet by accident we are kindred Spirits that found each other through unique and unexpected circumstances and we formed a bond that is made out of actions and not family obligation. For a true Friendship is bonded out of Love that goes beyond family DNA, for some of us we would not hesitate to lend assistance to a Friend but will question and hesitate when it comes to family. Some of us at times must be reminded to treat our family as we would our Friends but would not hesitate to call a friend famiky.  At times we tend to take family for granted knowing that they will always be connected to us we tend to overlook that our relationships with family require just as much attention and work as we put into our Friendships. So if you find that you are struggling in your relationship with family try approaching the relationship with the same Loving bond you would a Friendship. You might be surprised as to how much more patience and time you will have for family when you look at them through the eyes of a frienship. For we tend to take family for granted because we did not choose our bloodline it was ordained unto us but it is our Friends in which we choose to share in moments or lifetimes but it is family that will always be identified in your lineage for generations to come. Make your Friends your family and make your family tour Friends and in the end you will share more than a special bond or DNA you will share a deep and loving Spiritual connection. Be Still And Know That I Am. 



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