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God Blessed Morning Family! 

Praise God for we are surrounded in Beauty. The Beauty we see around us is formed from the Beautiful Words of God. Beautiful Words come from a Beautiful Mind, for there is no darkness only Light surrounding a mind filled with Beauty. It is our Words which not only describe but define our reality. If you look out your window and all that you see around you can only be describe using words of darkness look up into the heavens and see that the beauty above you does not stop there. For when we look in the mirror our eyes might be sad or filled with fear but what we must first understand is that what we truly see is a Beautiful Child of God for it is not the physical image that matters but the Spirit Within. Allow your eyes to see deep Within you and you will tap into the Beauty which is your Soul which is given Life because of the Beautiful Light of God that is Within you. As you look Within you will find that there is Beauty all around you for God is all around you. Know that God is Within you and everyone that surrounds you. Once you accept this you will begin to see His Beauty in everything. For where there is darkness there are dark thoughts and from where there is Light there is Life that is filled and surrounded with the Beauty of God. For Beauty is not superficial nor is it something that is reserved for a few privileged people, it is that from which we came , it is the Love and Light of God that formed us in His image and gives us Life. You are surrounded in His Beauty for it is a part of who you are for it resides deep Within the core of your Inner Divine Soul. Beautiful describes that which is what you are and Beautiful is the world in which you reside in the physical and Spiritual. There is Beauty Within You. Be Still And Know That I Am.




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365 Days of Affirmations

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