God Blessed Morning Family! 

Praise God for He has given me another day to continue on in this Journey of Love. For everyday is a Gift from God overflowing with His Love, for each day is a day of Love and a reason to Love. Don't wait to create a reason for a special occasion to tell your Loved ones that you Love them, and don't assume that they Know you Love them. For our words have power and when we release these words from the core of our Soul they take on a magnificent form of Life energy and transform the universe into higher vibrations of Love to be projected at the Loved one you intended to share this Loving energy with. Doing nice things out of Love is great but you don't even need to go that far for your words speak more volumes than your actions or tokens of Love. Everyday is a reason to Love and if we are Blessed to spend it with someone who Loves us back then we are truly experiencing an act of God, for when you Love it is not an action but a state of Being in the presence of God for Love is God and it has no limitations and no boundaries. To truly Love is to have no conditions or requirements of reciprocation, for this is why they say Love is a gamble for there are no guarantees that once you Love that you will receive Love back, the only thing that is Known is that when you Love you are in the presence of God for He is the epitome of Love and wherever there is Love God Is for He is Love. Thank you God for this eternal gift of your Love, for we are truly blessed to have it and to Know that it is limitless and unconditional for it is the air we breathe and the sun which warms us with a gentle embrace and the roar of the ocean and the song of the birds and the blossom of the flowers and the sweet smell of their blooms that surrounds us and lets us Know we are forever Loved by you. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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