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God Blessed Morning Family! 

Praise God for to Love is Divine for He is Love. In our physical Lifetime we will experience Love and Know that it is not superficial nor is it fleeting for the Love in which God has for us is eternal and will never cease for we are created in Love that Knows no bounds for it is without limitations, conditions and does not require explanation. For to Love You is to Love You, there is no need to explain why. Most people tense up when someone tells them they Love them, this is because they hold the word Love to a high level of intimacy when Love is so much more than a physical act. Love is a state of Being and does not require a sexual desire to Love as God Loves us. For some reason we tend to withhold Love for those we deem special and worthy but that is ego not Love, for Love is not to be rationed and given out in drips as if it were rear and limited to just a few chosen ones, it is not to be held hostage within you and only released on occasions for good behavior for Love is not a prisoner of your heart it is a companion that is meant to be shared and taken everywhere you go for it should be the first to experience every moment of your journey. For we don't need to find Love for it is a part of who we are for as we are Children of God we are Love for He is Love and He comes to you in Love and everything else falls in place. Don't ration your Love, release it and allow it to spreed freely amongst the universe and you will find that Life will become so much more enjoyable and filled with an abundance of Love for Love never ceases it multiplies. Love it is not an emotion it is a state of Being for to Love is Divine. Be Still And Know That I Am.




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365 Days of Affirmations

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