God Blessed Morning Family! 

How many ways can you say I Love You? God only has one way and that is in the creation of you, for you exist because He Loves You. As much as I try to show my Love and appreciation at times it might not seems that way to my intended, for they might not see my actions as loving they might interpret them as an obligation. Some people feel that Love is in what you do and not what you say, some feel that it is in a token which is interpreted as affection. The truth is that Love begins with a thought and is a way of Being it us not in the material items that are given as tokens of affection although they provoke the emotions of pleasure and brief excitement and even a memory of a tender moment the material object is not Love it is in the actions which began with a thought of Love which is bigger than affection and greater than kindness. For to Love is to give of your heart and to take actions that are selfless and formed deep within your Soul. For Love has no boundaries or limits, nor does it have conditions, for it is eternal and does not cease to exist because we are angry or dissapointed for it is the ultimate way in which we connect to one another for Love is who we are and it does not matter how we convey it all that matters is that we are formed out of the Love of God and that is why it is a way of Being for it is what we are made of and this is why when we express our Love it comes from the heart and is received, processed, felt and reciprocated from the heart. This is why saying I Love You can be said in so many ways and through so many actions because it means that my Soul is one with you for I Am willing to give of myself which is bigger and more powerful than the words I Love You. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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