God Blessed Morning Family! 

It is said that All We Need Is Love for it conquers all. There is truth in this statement for God commands that we Love our neighbors and in doing such there is no room for disagreement or conflict for when there is Love there is room for compromise and understanding of one another. For when we Love first our words are kinder and our approach is gentler and our outcome is always successfully peaceful. For when you Love you care for the wellbeing of others and put their needs before your own. So when we Love there is no room for anger or war only a desire to identify a way to coexist in harmony and peace. Love enters a dark room filled with animosity and pain and though it has nothing to do with these feelings it turns on the Light of God and because His Love is unconditional and without cease it fills the room with its positive energy that soon attracts radiance and Joy that follows it everywhere and before you can blink there is no room for any negative emotions in the room because Love is such a strong and powerful force of God that it overflows the room in an abundance that is only known to exist through the presence of God, for His Love has no filter and is always present for He is Love and He is All We Need. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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