God Blessed Morning Family!

Mistakes are made by all but it is from our Mistakes in which we learn and grow. Never regret making a Mistake for they are not done on purpose, it is because we are of the flesh we are fallible. Although we are perfection in the eyes of God He even understands the importance of making Mistakes in our Lives, for the emphasis is not on the Mistake but on what you do after you have made the Mistake. For our learning and growth begins after the Mistake has occurred, for it is at this precise moment in which not only our moral character but also out Spiritual character is defined. For if you ever want to Know who a person is watch what they do after they become aware of the fact that they have made a Mistake, do they acknowledge it and take all the blame, ridicule and possible penalties that come with it or do the blame others and/or deny that they ever made a Mistake. There are so many ways in which a scenario can play out but it is how it is handled which is what is the defining moments in our Lives. For it is impossible to Live without ever making a Mistake some great some small but Mistakes are to be had by all for if we did not experience them we would not be the person we are today for it is our Mistakes in which make us stronger or weaker in personality but extremely knowledgeable in Spirit. Do not fear of making a Mistake for we will always remain perfection in His eyes. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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