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God Blessed Morning Family!

Today is a day more precious than yesterday for it gives me more time to spend with you. Has anyone ever told you that you mean the world to them? Well if you have never heard those exact words don't fret because this is what God has expressed when He gave His only Son to forgive us of our sins. Don't look for man to tell you that you are worthy of Love for God has all the Love you will ever need. Man has a tendency to Love in a bubble and if anything should pierce that bubble all is lost and nothing is forgiven. I am grateful that God does not Love in this manner for our Souls would have no purpose nor direction for we do what we do for the Love of God and although we might not do everything to perfection we will always remain perfect in His eyes for we were worth the sacrifice. Don't look down on yourself because you might not have received the Love you desire in the physical, just Know that all the Love you will ever need is right here waiting for you to receive it for once you give your heart to God you will Know His unconditional and everlasting Love. For everyday is another day to spend with God and to Know His Love for we mean the world to Him for we are truly the only thing that matters to Him for we are His Children of Love and He is our God of Eternal Love. Be Still And Know That I Am.




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365 Days of Affirmations

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