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God Blessed Morning Family! 

In Life we will always have a Past, Present and Future, but for the majority of time we tend to dwell on our Past and daydream about our Future for we tend to desire to repeat the Past and change our Present conditions so that our Future turns out to be exactly what we desire. If we could change or relive our Past why would there be a need for the Present? The other day I was parked next to a car with what appeared to be an air freshener hanging from their rearview mirror, with the following words printed on it. "Stop looking back we are not going in that direction!" I found that message to be in line with one that I have heard over the years which is, your rearview mirror is small because those things are in your Past and your windshield is large because it holds your Present and Future in one view. Even though we all will cease to Live in our physical bodies at some point we will always have a Future for just as God has given us a Past and Present He has also given us a Future of Eternal Life. Don't waist much of your time trying to change things in the Past or making plans for your Future for your Present is where you can make all things happen now. Because it is our Present state of mind which reflects our actions which make up our current conditions. Therefore, what you have Prayed for and dwelled upon in the Past more than likely is what you have in the Present and therefore, it is beneficial if you change your thoughts in the Present so that your Present state of Being can become a reflection of your Future. For if you think a relationship is not going to work out you are projecting that energy upon the relationship and making it more difficult for the end result to be anything other than what you have thought in the Past. Take hold of the opportunity you have in the Present and define every moment with greatness and positive energy. Thank God for the gift of the Past, Present and Future for each hold something important, and critical to our Spiritual makeup and growth. Be Still And Know That I Am. 




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