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God Blessed Morning Family! 

Be Yourself for it is impossible for you to be anyone else. For God has made no two drops of water or pebbles alike and He has created you to be a unique individual unlike anyone He has ever created. You might look similar to someone else but you will never be that person for not only are our DNA and our Spirits different but our Divine Purpose is uniquely and specifically defined for us. There is nothing wrong with following in the steps of others or even Living a Life that is Christlike but we must remember that God created only one for if He wanted duplicates He would have made us all the same. It is our differences that make us unique and our contributions to the world, universe and Spirit which is one of a kind and makes us One. Don't compare yourself to others for nothing compares to you. You might have an identical twin or even be a siamese twin joined at some part of the body but you will still remain a unique individual because you will never share the same thoughts or Spirit, and even though others might not be able to tell you apart God always will Know you for your uniqueness is unlike any other for the Father Knows His Child and also Knows there is no replacement or substitute for you. Your Life is define and ordained specifically for you, don't look down upon it and uplift others for when you do that you are saying God did not get it right and that you were not meant to Live the Life you lead. There is nothing wrong with admiring others but you must also learn to admire and appreciate who you are for you are a uniquely blessed Child of God made in His image a reflection of His Love, given a unique and specific purpose, for this is why you exist not to be like someone else but to Be Yourself for what God has created and ordained for you is for you only.  Be Still And Know That I Am. 




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365 Days of Affirmations

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