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God Blessed Morning Family! 

When we Live of this World things seem to be beyond our control for we have given over our power to the materialistic things which we allow to take precedence over our Spiritual World. Every day there is a tug of war for our attention between this World and our Spiritual World for we are first and foremost Children of God, Spiritual Beings having a physical experience in which we have to make decisions as to whether we pursue the physical aspects of this life that tempt us with material wealth or if we seek to find Spiritual understanding and growth in every encounter and allow our Spiritual World to bring forth the wealth we seek in the form of Joy, Happiness and Love. By allowing material objects and man made titles to become a focal point in our Lives we lose sight of our God defined purpose and destiny. When we pursue material wealth over Spiritual wealth we lose sight of our God given purpose, and we lose understanding of who we are, for when we allow this World to take over our understands of our purpose we then lose sight of God as well. As you go through the day take a moment to focus your energy on bringing clarity to your God given purpose and allow your Spirit to guide you rather than your flesh and you will see that things of this World are only a distraction and only serve to keep you off the path that will allow you to discover the Glory of God and His Divine Purpose for you. Live in this World but refuse the tempation to be of this World, for we will always remain Spiritual Beings, Children of God, now and through eternity. Be Still And Know That I Am. 




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365 Days of Affirmations

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