God Blessed Morning Family! 

Every component of Life is Needed to make up a whole for without one we suffer a loss of the sum of the whole. In other words we are all a necessary part of the whole that makes the universe one. Without your presence there would be a void and we would be less productive in flesh and in Spirit. If there were no Need for you God would have never created you. Stop thinking that your presence is insignificant in the makeup of this universe for if you served no purpose or a minor role in this play of Life you would have an understudy, someone to take your place if you could not perform but this is not the case for God only created one of you for you serve a significant purpose that no one can duplicate or fulfill at any point in time. For when God created you it was out of Love but it was also out of a need to fulfill a specific purpose for He has a Master Plan that is well thought out and detailed down to the microcosmic of molecules which surve a purpose that is intricate to our overall Spiritual World. You are Needed in every way imaginable and in every aspect of this journey you serve a purpose greater than you will ever Know for God does not create clutter nor does He allow us to exist for mere existence we all are Needed to fulfill His prophecy as defined in His Master Plan and no one's role is greater or smaller than the other for if we had no one to follow there would not be a need for a leader and vice versa. You serve a great purpose for God created you and everything in this universe to serve a Need that is greater than just to fill a void for our Souls are destined for eternity and that is a greater Need than any other which can be defined. Be Still And Know That I Am. 



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