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God Blessed Morning Family! 

Your Destiny awaits you. It is sometimes funny how we think we can avoid what is destined. We at times might leave a bad relationship, job or turn down an opportunity only to have it return to us under different circumstances. I found that there are issues in which we find challenging that we must go through in order for our Spirit to grow in preparation for what God has for us further down the road. Most of the time when I leave a situation unfinished it usually repeats itself some years later in a similar format. Such as dealing with a difficult boss and leaving the job before I fully understand that it was not my battle to fight but I should have given it to God and given the situation enough patience to see His Work in resolving the matter. For sometimes when we run it is not always the situation we are running from it is merely our lack of Faith in which we are choosing to give more power in the situation than we choose to give God. But what we fail to see is that God is in control of our destiny and anything and everything we face during this Lifetime and Eternity is placed in our path because He has a bigger purpose that we cannot see at that moment because we are looking at the trees in front of us and not the forest that is made up of the trees. We are Destined to follow through on things we find difficult for it is in our struggles and when we are most uncomfortable is when we are pushed into our greatness. Just like any birth it is necessary to struggle before we are free of our confinement and this is exactly what is occuring when we face a difficult situation that we are destined to deal with for we cannot grow if we don't face our fears and we cannot learn what we are capable of if we don't step out of our comfort zone and face our challenges. Be Still And Know That I Am. 




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