God Blessed Morning Family!

Rejoice for you are never alone for He Lives Within You. God has given you His undivided attention. Your every move is covered by His Loving gaze and He hears your every desire and eagerly awaits your request for Him to fulfill them. Once you have asked He does not forget for He places your desire within the Divine Order of His Master Plan. You are never alone for He is constantly by your side for He is not only your Father and your Shepherd He is also your Lord and Savior that Knows your heart for He is Within you and is never to be mistaken for a best friend that will at times judge you nor a guardian that is just there to protect you. For He is more than you can ever imagine and One with your entire Being for He is greater than any Being. He is Love and that is the reason He watches over you, guides you, provides for you and is Within you for His Love is unconditional and requires nothing in return. His intent has always been for your well being for He gives you His  Mercy and Grace regardless if you feel that you are worthy or not, for His compassion and forgiveness goes beyond any level if understanding in which you can comprehend for He is more than just a companion or friend He is your Father and He is Love and He is the reason we exist. Be Still And Know That I Am. 



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