God Blessed Morning Family! 

To Love is to Know God, but to Hope for Love is a lack of Faith. For when we have Hope we do not Know if what we desire will come to fruition, but when we Know Love there is no question as to whether we will ever encounter it along our journey. The act of Hoping for something keeps you in perpetual motion in seeking, waiting and anticipating that some day it may possibly come your way, but when you Know you wait no longer for you Know it is in God's hands and it shall be done in His Divine Order of Time. To Hope is not a good thing for it says you are unsure as if you are saying I Hope God exists, this says you have no Faith, but when you say I Know God exists there is no doubt in your mind of His presence and you never question your Faith. Unlike when you say you have Hope you are questioning everything and there is a need for reassurance to restore your Faith. For when you have Hope you have doubt and when you have Faith there is a confidence that it shall be done. The selling of Hope is something in which man does to keep man questioning whether their desires will ever cone to fruition, but when you have someone that says I Know there is a sence of satisfaction that what is Known is a reality or one day shall be a reality that will come into existence. The selling of Hope is an idea of a possibility of something that might or might not ever occur, in which the person that buys into it will remain in a state of Hope possibly into eternity. If you speak of what you Know then there is no need to sell it nor is there any doubt that what you Know has a timeframe that does not ramble on into eternity nor does it leave one questioning their Faith, for to Know is to Know God as to Love is to Know God. Be Still And Know That I Am.



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