God Blessed Morning Family! 

Trust in yourself for God has entrusted in you to do great things along this journey, for you are very Special. We are scripted to play the role we have been given and even though we may not understand it we rely on our Faith in God to understand that as long as we follow His commandments we shall never be alone for He is our Shepherd and no harm shall be done unto us. We tend to second guess ourselves and our talents in which God has blessed us with, for our ego tells us we are not good enough nor are we special,  but the reality is that if God did not find us to be special and serve a purpose we would not exist. For nothing God creates is waste, for we all serve a purpose and He has made it so that once our work in the flesh is complete we will transition to the next level of eternal life. Special is he who serve a purpose for in doing as such he serves the Lord. To try to duplicate or imitate the works of others says you have no Faith in the talent in which God has bestowed upon you, for the gift in which God has given you is not meant to be hidden but it is to be amplified and shared for all of His Children to see, enjoy, receive and participate in this journey for Life is as precious as you are Special. Be Still And Know That I Am.  



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