God Blessed Morning Family! 

There are times as we are experiencing adversity we are also being pushed to make a choice to change our circumstances and as we contemplate making these choices we realizing that we are learning that we are also being pushed into greatness. For with great risk comes great rewards but we must first overcome our fear of failure and the only way to do that is to have Faith in yourself as well as God. For it is our failures which make us stronger and reveal the depths of our Soul and it is at that precise moment in which we realize we have failed is when we seek understanding and clarity and turn to God. For we have a tendency to ignore Him when times are great and when they are not so great we turn to Him for comfort and guidance. There are times where it is necessary for us to experience difficult times in order for God to get our attention, for when we are brought to our knees is when we are humbled enough to recognize God's greatness and His power for healing and restoring all things to where Life is seen again as good and great. Because we tend to become comfortable in our status we have a desire to keep things the same but then we cease to grow and it is only through growth in which we achieve greatness because if we remained in our comfort zone Life would just be okay, but it is when we step out in Faith is when we begin to recognize our fullest potential and the support and power of God come through during our most challenging and darkest moments. For it is the risk and challenges we experience in which pushes us into greatness. We dont just wake up and fall out of bed and become great it requires work, focus and dedication but most of all it requires our Faith in God for when we step out in Faith we Let Go and Let God take control of our Lives so that we can fulfill our destiny for greatness. Be Still And Know That I Am. 



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