God Blessed Morning Family! 

Place your Faith in God and all will be well. As the seasons change so do our patterns in Life, for we are moving closer to fulfilling our destiny. In our path may be things in which we do not desire to address, but no matter how much we try to avoid a certain situation we are to realize that what does not kill us will truly make us stronger. For difficult circumstances are in our destiny for a specific reason and although we may not know why at the time the most important thing is that we face our fears, for when we have fear we lack Faith. We tend to place our Faith on a shelf when we are faced with a difficult situation for we cannot see our way around our perceived problem, but it is exactly at this moment when we need to rely on our Faith to get us through our darkest of times. It is okay to be affraid and doubt our abilities, but it is not okay to lose Faith in the Power of God. When I am faced with a situation in which I feel the outcome is impossible for me to change I say this simple prayer,"God there are things in this Life which are impossible for me to achieve or change but nothing is impossible for You. I ask that you change these circumstances to the outcome in which I desire." Then I go on to define the outcome in which I want with specific details. I then release my worries and every time I think about them I thank God for taking on my battles and putting things in motion to make this change occur. Restore your Faith in God and you will begin to see that not only the seasons are changing but the pathway in which you thought was unchangeable is now changing, for all things are possible when you place your burdens at His feet. Be Still And Know That I Am. 



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