God Blessed Morning Family! 

Our Father which art in heaven forgive us of our trespasses.  Do not fret over your mistakes for it is when we work through our mistakes in which we become stronger. It is our mistakes in which we learn who we are for they reveal our strengths and weaknesses. For when we acknowledge our mistakes God steps forward to carry us through the darkest of moments as we deal with them, for I Am fearless in the Light of God! When we admit that we were acting upon our beliefs which turned out to be incorrect we become aware of our ability to face adversity and admit our shortcomings, for when we recognize our mistakes is when God steps forward and our healing begins. Mistakes are similar to accidents, in which no one wants them to occur but they are at times unavoidable. A simple miscalculation can mean the difference in being successful or owning our mistakes. In Life it is preferred to have perfection at every moment but this is not realistic for then we would not benefit from learning from our mistakes. For it is through our mistakes in which we learn our weaknesses and strengths but most of all we learn the importance of forgiving ourselves so that we can embrace the Grace of God, for He is the only one that can remove us from the darkness of remores and bring us into His Light of unconditional Love and Forgiveness, for it is through Him in which we find our strength. Be Still And Know That I Am. 



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