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God Blessed Morning Family!  Rejoice for you are surrounded with the Joy of God. There is no need to search for Joy for He has instilled it Within you. If you find yourself in a situation in which you are questioning whether or not you will be able to restore the Joy you once knew this is the time in which you should Be Still and allow the answers to flow from Within. Having Joy is never a challenge, it is keeping it in the forefront which is the most challenging for we tend to be more accepting of disappointment and pain than we are of the Joys of God in which He blesses us with. We tend to overlook everything which is good when one bad thing occurs and for all the good that has occurred we take it for granted. Be sure that the Joy you have Within is not neglected for the sorrows that are temporary, for the Lord said the weeping may endure for a night but Joy always come in the morning, for it is not something that is to be hidden or encapsulated in darkness, for Joy is the Light of God which casts down and rebukes sadness and pain. It forever has a home in your heart for it is the Joy of God which gives us a clear understanding of not only the Love of God but also the Mercy and Grace He bestows upon us. Although He created us with Joy in His heart and we are a reflection of Him we should never take the Joy He has instilled Within us for granted for even though it resided Within we must understand what a Blessing it is that God thought so much about us He made sure that when we rise each morning His Light of Joy greets us. During the day as we struggle to push aside our Joy and choose to focus on things we have no control over Know that the Light of God is also Within you. There is a saying that you should not allow anyone or any situation to steal your Joy, but the truth is that what God has given you can never be stolen for only you can mentally, and emotionally give it away, for as long as we are Children of God our Spirit will always Know Joy for it is a gift from God which can never be forsaken for we are his reflection of Joy for we hold His Light Within. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen.  Hallelujah. 


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