God Blessed Morning Family! Praise God for we are never alone. We can always count on Him for He walks amongst us. As we walk through the valley He covers all sides for He is not only leading the way He is our Shepherd and we shall never travel this journey alone. Lonelyness is a difficult state of the physical Being to accept, because the state of being alone is devastating physically, and emotionally, but we shall rejoice in the understanding that isolation is not meant for the Soul, and although we are born alone the Spirit is never alone for we are one in Spirit  and there is no burden to small  or great that we cannot lay at His feet even the feeling of loneliness.  For He said when you place your burdens at His feet His good will towards you shall be done, for He will never forsake us for we are never without Him and He shall replace our burdens with His unlimited Mercy and Grace. Although in the physical man can survive without companionship God provided Adam with Eve for when two or more gather in His name He shall hear their prayers for He is always present and He shall never forsake us and therefore, this is why in the physical we might feel alone but we shall never Be alone. Be Still And Know That I Am.  



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