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God Blessed Morning Family! For some reason we tend to believe that we are in competition with one another and in order to be successful we must cross the imaginary finish line first, but this is contrary to the truth about our Life purpose and what God has planned for us in His Divine Order of Time. For it is in His Master Plan that we all cross the finish line but we are not in a race with each other for He has defined our destiny to be unique and specific for each of us and not a carbon copy of each other to be in competition. Just being you is more than enough for you to accomplish your Life's purpose in the time in which He has allotted for you. There is no rush or time constraints for He has calculated the exact moment in which our work will be complete and we are to cross the finish line and move on to our next journey of work which is Eternal Life. Never put a timeframe upon yourself and your worries will disappear for you will realize that the competition in which you felt you had to defeat was never competition but your ego getting in the way of your ability to see the forest for the trees and seeing the finish line as an overall goal and not a race. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen.



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365 Days of Affirmations

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