God Blessed Morning Family! 

Today is recognized as Good Friday in remeberance of the day in which Christ gave His Life for our forgiveness of our sins. On this day as He drew His last breath Christ asked God to forgive us of our sins. This was His last selfless act of the flesh and even upon the hour of His death He gave of Himself for the sake of others. I imagine that there was no need for God to ask Christ how He has helped His Children for His Life was dedicated to the wellbeing of others.There will come a time in which we will all have to answer to God and He will ask us how did we serve His Children. Are you prepared to answer that question today? If not then you might want to take a look at your Life and evaluate what your true purpose is, for I can tell you it is not to gather material wealth, for God has no need for material things. God has sent each of us here in the flesh to be of service to one another, for when He eventually poses the question to us of how did we serve His Children He is not listening for the reply that details how we were a good employee or how we earned so much material wealth over the years for this is not why he sent us here, He sent us to learn how to Love one another even through the darkest of times and how to be present for one another during our time of need and to give selflessly of ourselves to one another but most of all how to forgive and Love even when we find it most difficult to Love those who have tresspassed against us. How have you served my Children? Are you prepared to answer this question in the manner in which Christ did? Are you willing to give of your Life not only for those who Love you but also those who hate you? Are you prepared to answer? If not I pray that you one day will be prepared and Know this kind of Love that is unconditional. This Good Friday take a moment to reflect upon how you have and can be of service not only to God but also to His Children. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen.


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