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God Blessed Morning Family! 

Standing at the gravesite in which a friend's body has just been lowered the feelings of sorrow and remorse are hard to overcome. It is difficult during this time to focus on the After Life when the here and now are so painful to accept, but when we look away from the physical and take a glimpse at the Spiritual aspect of it all we can begin to understand God's ultimate plan for us all does not end with the physical death of the flesh but this is where Eternal Life takes flight and truly begins. We mourn the death of our Loved Ones for we will always long for one more opportunity to be with them in the flesh, but as we mourn we overlook the opportunity to celebrate not just the physical Life in which they generously shared with us but also the manifestation of the After Life in which God has ordained. For if we see the physical Life as a celebration the blessing of an Eternal Life is worthy of elation, praise and jubilation for He has taken our Loved One into His fold and placed them next to Him to enjoy a Life filled with indescribable Peace, Joy and Love. Please don't look at death as a punishment by God for the truth is that when we leave the physical world our suffering is over for it is within His Master Plan that all of His Children will one day return home for this is the legacy and the pathway in which Christ gave His Life so that we too can one day return home to Our Father. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen. Hallelujah. 


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