God Blessed Morning Family! 

It is important that we understand that Letting Go does not mean we are giving up, it just means that we are Letting God for all things are possible for Him. When we place our worries and burdens at His feet He immediately sets the course in which we can find comfort in knowing that with and through God all things will fall into place, for in His Divine Order of Time His works shall be done. One of the most empowering and powerful things we can do is Let Go and Let God for this simple act of Faith displays that even though we see things as impossible we Know that our destiny is ordained and whatever our issue it to shall pass. For nothing can withstand the Power of God not even the forces of evil we face can bear His rapture nor stand in His presence with unclean hands. When we struggle to control our destiny we fail to Live in His Light for struggling is an act of going against His Will and this is why we experience discomfort, for we are engaging in a tug of war in which we cannot and will not ever win. It is during this tug of war in which no movement or progress is made and the only thing which is apparent is our anguish and strife, for no other progress is made in war except destruction. This is why it is best to Let Go of the rope in which you are engaging in this tug of war and place it at His feet so that He can dissolve of it as He will do with all of our worries and burdens, for He is our Shepherd and we shall not want for He continues to lead us through the valley into the green pastures and our troubles shall be no more for we Let Go and Let God take control of what we really never had control over. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen. Hallelujah. 

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