God Blessed Morning Family! 

As adults we must take ownership of our current circumstances, for we are 95% if not 99% responsible for the state of our current affairs. I do acknowledge the fact that the majority of us are holding on to things in our past that we have no control in changing, but we do have control over our present situation. Many of times when we look at what our true issues are they are a reflection of a situation which occurred during our childhood in which we are holding onto and reflecting back upon and wearing as if it were a badge of honor and a true reflection of who we are and why so many years later we are in the circumstances we currently face. We have yet to face these problems and we have refused to let them go and every time something goes wrong we pull it out like an old blanket of comfort to justify our behavior and why we have not moved beyond it in our Life. Well this is the mental portion but there is also a physical portion as well in which we tend to eat or behavior poorly based on our childhood and continue to do so into our adult years. Sadly we allow this behavior to affect our physical health and therefore a lot of our sicknesses are based upon our past. For the past has driven us to find comfort in food, or physical behavior that is not good for our temple. This also leads to our current Spiritual state of mind for there are times in which we blame our past on God and feel that He turned His back on us and therefore we harden our hearts towards Him and everyone else in which we come into contact with during this journey. Now if none of this speaks to your current circumstances then that is fabulous but it may speak to someone in your Life that you have a loving bond with and now their past circumstances are playing a role in your Life. Well, what can we do about it, we can understand that it is time that we let go of the past and even if it is not us but someone we Love we need to turn our hearts towards God and Praise Him for getting us this far and allowing us to recognize that it is time to release these painful memories that bring us no Joy and hold us captive emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually as well as financially. Once we are able to release our past we will be able to embrace the healing that has been awaiting us all these years. We are awaken to the knowledge that the Light of God has been surrounding us throughout this journey even though we failed to acknowledge His presence. This is when we realize though we have been carrying the painful past as a badge of honor God has been awaiting our release of what has been a moment in the vast catalog of our Life circumstances as He continued to hold us in His Light of unconditional Love and Forgiveness. We might have never notice His Light for we were always basking in reliving the pain of the past while failing to realize that our current circumstances can be easily change if we desired it to change for all we need to do is lay it at His feet and never look back. For what we found to be painful in the past only has the Power in the present because we choose to give it Power in our Lives. The Power over your pain in which you have has always been in the Light of God which surrounds you and is Within you. Just open your heart to God and you will see that in His Light all things are possible even the healing of the past that has lead you to the present. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen. Hallelujah. 

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