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God Blessed Morning Family! 

Be Still and Know That there is Beauty in Silence. There are times in which we feel we cannot get a quite moment to Be Still and we must make do with our current surroundings which is flooded with noise. Therefore when we are in a place that is flooded with silence we are more at Peace with ourselves and we tend to feel at one with the universe. There is Peace in the stillness which surrounds us, for when there is silence your ears strain to hear anything in the distance but your body relaxes to the calmness in the energy vibrations which surround you. Early in the morning when I rise there is silence in the atmosphere so soothing that it feels as if I entered another dimension in space and time, but I know that I am in the same place and time and it is only that the majority have not risen for they remain at rest and in a state of Peace. It is said that silence is golden but we really don't appreciate it until we are surrounded by it and we notice what affect it has on not only our mind, but also our body and Spirit, for when we sit in silence we are aware of His presence not only in our Life but also in everything. For when we are Still we acknowledge that He is present and when we sit in silence we feel His presence and when we are at Peace we Know that we are alive and well, for in the silence there is not only clarity but also Love for what we cannot hear intensifies in our feelings and therefore, we should acknowledge that in the Silence there is not only physical Peace but also Spiritual Peace for He is present in the silence and stillness of our mind, body and Soul. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen. Hallelujah.  


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