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God Blessed Morning Family! 

There are moments in Life when we must put our desires on pause and understand that it does not mean that our dream is dead it just means we need to have patience. We might not achieve our desired goal in the time frame in which we planned but it will eventually be accomplished. For patience is a virtue that must be learned in order for us to appreciate the process of God's Divine Order of Time and what our journey means to His overall Master Plan. When we set out to achieve a goal it is not realistic to believe that there will not be any roadblocks ahead. We must see delays and detours as reasons to pause and change course and not derailments to our journey. For there will be times in which it is necessary for us to slow down in order to see what is ahead or even take note of what we have past along the way. For when we rush full steam ahead we fail to appreciate the process in getting to our goal. Sometimes the best lessons are learned as we struggle through a process for this is when we call on God to help us through our struggles and put all Faith into God to lead the way and we draw nearer to Him as we begin to understand that everything we experience is because of His Master Plan. He does not teach us in vain for everything we learn and experience is part of a bigger picture in which we have yet to realize its role in our Life. But when we are forced to pause for a moment we can take note and gain a bigger appreciation for where we started and how far we have come and this is reflected in every step of our journey. Before we could walk we crawled and before we crawled we were carried, this is to let us know every step of the journey is meant to be seen as a major accomplishment. No other species crawls before it can walk only man for it is God's intention that we pause and take in every milestone in which we accomplish and see His hand in our journey. Give God Praise for He Knows our heart and desires are destined for us to achieve but the journey is not completely appreciated without pausing to learn the virtues of patience through anticipation. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen. Hallelujah. 


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