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God Blessed Morning Family! 

Praise God for He has created us all to serve a Purpose. For everyone will have a Judas enter into their Life that will betray them and at the time we may be angered at the events in which we will experience because of this Judas but even they serve a purpose which is to push us into our greatness. For if Christ did not have a Judas in His Life He would have not been pushed into His greatness and we would have not been forgiven of our sins. At the time we are experiencing the betrayal of Judas we may not see how it is pushing us into our greatness but in time it will be revealed for as we are going through it we draw closer to God and Pray that He bring us relief and justice, we become more aware of our abilities and strengths and we also realize that with God by our side we can do all things for man is Powerless if he does not have God in His Life. In order for us to survive the atrocities of man we must overcome our anger and desire for revenge and Let Go and Let God for He is the Power and the Master of our universe that has ordained our destiny that includes our encount with Judas. For He Knows that it is this encounter that will help us transition to the next level of our Faith and without a push from Judas we would remain in our area of comfort and never venture out to achieve that which is what we believe to be impossible. But when we are face with very little choices other than to move forward and out of our comfort we lay our burdens at His feet and Pray that He carry or walk with us through the valley of the shadows of darkness and lead us into His Light where we are able to overcome darkness and continue to be of service to Him. For the acts of Judas do not stop our progress they push and accelerate us into our greatness. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen. Hallelujah. 


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