God Blessed Morning Family! 

Praise God for He has given us seasonal changes in which the weather and our environment operate in unison with our level of health. Now that summer is upon us the weather will give us more reason to remain healthy. Summer activities tend to wear on the body and require it to process more cooling agents to reduce the body temperature so that it is not overcome by the heat that the sun will bring. At the same time we must not use the heat as an excuse as to why we are not maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is during the summer in which nature grows and prepares the crops for the fall harvesting activities. For what we reaped during the Spring and grew in the Summer we will eventually sow in the Fall and allow to recover/restore in the Winter. What occurs in nature is similar to our chosen lifestyle, for how we maintain our temple/ body, mind and Soul we will reap the benefits or detriments as the seasons change. It is God's intention that we maintain a healthy lifestyle so that we are able to be of service not only to Him but to each other as well, for the choices we make regarding our health today will affect our ability to be of service not only tomorrow but also in the long run for what we choose to fuel our temple/body and Soul will be reflected in our level of mental focus, response and our physical ability to perform as well as our Spiritual ability to connect with each other and give Praise to God. For a healthy temple /body brings forth healthy thoughts, actions and the reciprocation of similar actions making the universe respond and connect as One. Rejoice and enjoy the Summer months for they are a gift from God which allows us to be more active and productive in maintaining a healthy lifestyle which leads to a healthy mind, body and Spirit as well as a Joyful experience for all of God's Children. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen. Hallelujah. 

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