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God Blessed Morning Family! 

Today we honor and recognize mothers for the sacrifices in which they make for their children on a daily basis but such as Life is to be Celebrated everyday so should motherhood. The ability to give birth is not bestowed upon everyone but the ability to be a mother is an action and a privilege in which we all can do for it requires one to be nurturing, giving and most of all willing to make sacrifices for the good and betterment of others. To be a mother does not require a direct bloodline because we are all God's Children bonded together as One in Spirit. The ability to bestow unconditional motherly Love upon the Children of God is an honor for He may not have given us all the ability to give birth but He has given us all the ability to be caring and to Love. We all have a physical mother that has made sacrifices to give birth to us and we are fortunate to have connected Spiritually and physically with them during the gestation period and  birthing process,  but not all those who give birth are the only mothers we will ever know for He has blessed us with the ability to Love in the manner in which a mother Loves with passion and goodwill towards all that they encounter. To Love another Being and be willing to give of self in order to support others is in our nature but to be willing to sacrifice self in order for others to have is an act of a mother that is done everyday without hesitation and without any thought or desire for reciprocation, for this is what it means to give unconditional motherly love, for it is instinctive and not calculated, it is deep within and cannot be learned, it is an action and not formulated strategically for it is us being a reflection of God and mirroring the Unconditional Love He has for us upon each other. This is the reason why we should celebrate Mothers and Life everyday for the two go hand in hand, for without Mother's there would be no Life and without Motherly Love Life would not Know the physical and spiritual aspects of unconditional Love in which He has for us and we have for Him and each other. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen. Hallelujah.


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