God Blessed Morning Family! 

Praise God for He has given us the understanding of our emotions and our state of mind which defines our way of Being. For it is our emotions in which we feel and transition from one state to another during the course of the day, but our way of Being does not transition for it defines who we are. Joy, happiness, sadness, and anger are emotions just to name a few in which we express in Life, but Love, Peace, Mercy and Grace are a way of Being and a way of experiencing Life. God has given us emotions so that we are capable of expressing how we feel at every moment of our Life. The unfortunate thing about emotions is that some of us will only learn how to display only a few such as joy and anger for these are the only two in which they will sadly learn to express during the course of their journey. Where as we are capable of expressing millions of emotions so are we capable of having multiple states of Being that give balance to the level of emotions we express. For it is possible to be at Peace but still feel anger and sadness at the same time, for Being at Peace is a state of mind while anger and sadness are emotions. God has given us the ability to express ourselves in many facets and define who and what we are through our emotional and mental state for the two reveal the depths of our Soul and our Faith in God for some emotions will never exist when our Faith is strong but when it is weak our emotions may dominate our every breath and send us into a state of turmoil and self doubt. The good news is that our state of Being as well as our emotions are ever evolving and allow us to grow and connect as One with each other and God. For every emotion and action clearly defines who we are and where we are in our journey for we are always evolving. As Children of God it is our emotions which drive us to achieve a state of Being that is of Peace and Love therefore it is never fleeting but is within our reach and always will be obtainable.  Be Still And Know That I Am.  



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