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God Blessed Morning Family! 

Today I Pray that you Let Go of any struggles and Let God show you how He has defined your destiny. With every struggle comes a Life lesson that allows us to see our strengths and weaknesses all at the same time. We might not be able to identify them at the time we are experiencing the struggle but once we Let Go we will be able to see everything clearly through the Light of God for we shall no longer dwell or drift in the shadows of confusion. When we struggle it is because we are attempting to make something occur which is not part of our destiny but we want it so bad that we become stubborn and fixated as well as insistant that we receive that which is not destined. Even though we might think that obtaining this goal or achievement will set everything in our Life onto a path that is destined we are failing to see that the path we are trying to create does not exist without God's approval. For He has defined our destiny within His Master Plan before He gave us His breath of Life.  Therefore what we are attempting to will to happen and that which we struggle with is not, has not and will not every be part of our destiny and this is why we struggle because our fight is not with the challenges we face it is with God And His Master Plan.  For He has predetermined our path and when we attempt to choose another direction we are met with road blocks and detours that are meant for our wellbeing and to get us out of the shadows and back onto the right pathway which has been illuminated with His Light. Once we Let Go of the struggle we can then begin to see how Letting God in is Life transforming because we are now following the path that leads to the Light which contains our destiny and relinquishing the path that lead us into the shadows. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen. Hallelujah


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