God Blessed Morning Family! 

Don't look at the controversy that surrounds someone and think that they are the cause of their own demise for in most cases it is all part of their destiny. When Christ was faced with nay sayers and those who wanted to do Him harm it was because of His destiny, for if they were not against Him He would not have been our Savior. There are times in which controversy is necessary in order to get your attention and at times to motivate people to get involved. Now if you are the focal point of controversy take a good look at your situation and determine how much of a role did you play in the chaos which surrounds you and how much of it just occurred in your path. This is important to note for their are times in which we create our own drama which has nothing to do with our destiny and there are times in which we find ourselves in situations in which we never wanted to be a part of. It is the latter in which we must pay close attention. For when we find our circumstances to be beyond our control or even our creation this is when we must recognize the hand of God and the path in which He has defined for us. At times it might not be the best of circumstances and we may question why but there is not only a message but a Life and Spiritual lesson in which we must endure in order to come into our greatness. Everyone will have a story of controversy but it is how we choose to approach it which is what will define us as Children of God. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen. Hallelujah.  

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