God Blessed Morning Family! 

No matter what your desires give it to God. No matter if you intentions are good, bad, selfless or self-serving give it to God, for with God in your Life you cannot go wrong. There are times where people who have mistreated us might get ahead and we wonder why they are making such great achievements when they have tresspassed against us. One possibility is that they might have given their transgression to God and asked for His forgiveness. Make no mistake the karma they created will come back their way but in the meantime they are still able to move forward because their sins have been forgiven. The problem which remains is that you have stopped moving forward with your Life because you remain in the past emotionally reliving the transgression which they have done unto you. The way to move forward is to give your hurt feelings and pain unto God, release the emotion which remained after what they did and you will be able to move forward. Your thoughts and emotions remain in the past and therefore your Spirit remains in the past as well because you keep looking back waiting for your transgressor to be punished for what they have done unto you but the only one being punished is you. For every time you focus on the past you allow precious time with God to slip away. Give you thoughts and pain unto God and everything will turn out okay. For our purpose is not to punish our transgressors for they are in Gods hands. Suffer not the Children of the Lord for He watches over them for they have given over all their pain, worry and transgressions unto Him and in its place He has given them Unconditional Love and Forgiveness in return. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah. 

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