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God Blessed Morning Family! 

A Family cannot exist without a Father, for God saw that a woman and a man shall procreate and conceive a Child and they shall take on the role of mother and father. But He also made it so a man does not have to be a biological father to be a father to His Children for he may not reside physically in the home he will always be a father to those he gave his unconditional love,  and nurturing time to foster a relationship that is caring and giving.  For a father's seed will remain a part of generations to come no matter if it is his DNA or the knowledge and love he has planted in a Child of God. For God is Our Father and although we may not see Him physically He will always remain a part of us for generations to come for it is because of Him we are One and He has given man the role of our father on earth.  For they play an extremely important role in our Lives and if he is not present his presence is missed for no matter what age, a Child will always long for their father's love and guidance just as we long for God to be present. For it is in His Master Plan that a man be fruitful and multiple but He also gave him the role of father to be the caregiver, guardian and educator of His Children. Although there will come a time in which we are to leave our father's house He will never leave our hearts for His Love will always remain present and Unconditional. I find it heart warming when fathers lovingly and freely give guidance to the younger generation for their wisdom is priceless and God has made it so that their role is critical to our physical, mental and Spiritual growth, for they are the keepers of generational traditions, history, protector and key members in keeping the sanctity of His Commandments first in our lifestyle for generations to come. For just as we learn from God that our mothers physically carried us through birth we also learn that our fathers will carry us through our physical Life journey for without Him we will not be complete in our physical and Spiritual growth. No matter if he is physically or spiritually present we still hold key elements of His characteristics and genes for we are One in Our Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Praise Him for Our Father has blessed us with our faters who are to be praised as well for Our Father has ordained their destiny and their role in our journey would Be incomplete without them. Honor Our Father for He is worthy of our praise.  Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah. 


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