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God Blessed Morning Family! 

God is not a religion nor is He a race, color or gender for He is the Creator. For His Commandments tell us how to treat one another and how to conduct ourselves as His Children. Man has chosen to create and manipulate religion to support his choices and judgements in Life. Just as man has or has not chosen a religion he also looks upon his fellow man with a discriminating eye for he sees gender, race and financial status as a strength or weakness. As a Child of God our destiny has been ordained prior to us taking our first breath. This means that we all serve a purpose in which man cannot control for God guides our steps throughout this journey. We are predestined to meet each other along the way and our true testament is how we greet and treat one another for when we gaze upon each other do we see a Child of God or do we see color, gender, religion or financial status. Do you think when God created us He did so with the understanding that we would dincriminate against His creations or would we see each other as His Children through unconditional eyes of Love? Everyone of us are special in His eyes but our desire to categorize and judge each other based on race, color, religion, financial status and gender does not allow us to see that we are all Children of God first and foremost. Imagine what your day would be like if you saw everyone you encountered as a Child of God first; take a moment to dwell on that idea and you might not be so quick judge one another. Our entire demeanor and approach to Life most likely would be different if we could remember that we are all Children of God sent here to fulfill a purposed in which He has ordained, for He does not create anyone or anything in vain. I understand that this might not be easy for we have allowed our physical world to dictate our actions but we can no longer make that an excuse for we are all Spiritual Beings having a physical experience and we should remember that everything and everyone that is before us is created by Him to serve a specific purpose, and that we are all a Child of God. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah. 


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365 Days of Affirmations

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