God Blessed Morning Family! 

I Am a winner everyday when I wake for I am able to continue my walk with God. We are all winners for we exist to achieve a sole purpose in which only we can achieve. There will be times that it seems as if we are not winning but the fact is that even when we are losing we are winning. For instance when Christ was crucified it appeared as if He had lost the battle against evil which had taken His Life, but the truth is He had to give of His physical Life in order to gain His Eternal Life. It is said that behind every cloud is a silver linings and this is exactly what our journey is about as we are walking in Faith with the understanding that God has placed a silver lining behind every cloud that casts shadows upon our path. Winning in Life is not a prize that you receive for achieving a specific goal it is the Life you experience as you move forward in your journey, it is the good and the bad experiences, it is your ability to see and understand the Light of God is not only all around you but it is Within you guiding you along this journey from one experience to the next. Regardless if you find Life to be successful or not God sees every encounter we have as Winning in Life for our Spirit benefits from every moment and that is what makes us all Winners. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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