God Blessed Morning Family! 

Be Joyful, Be at Peace and most of all Be You for there is no other like You. God created You as an individual with a set of goals that are uniquely defined for You and no one else. It is okay to admire others and to pay homage to their unique path but to attempt to duplicate their path and even their look is to dishonor who You are and to question the beautiful work of God. We might not like what we see in the mirror but this is because we have a tendency to be hard on ourselves and strive for what society has told us is beauty and perfection. We also tend to not be satisfied with what we have for we covet what we see. God has given us a stride like no other and a journey that helps us to discover the beauty of who we are and this can only be achieved by You and no one else. As we walk on the beach and attempt to walk in the path of some else's footprints we will quickly notice that our prints are embedded in the others for no two steps, strides or prints are the same as no two journeys are the same. The prints we make in the sand and the shadows we cast in the sun are uniquely different from each other just as our journeys, our temples and our Spirits are different for it is these differences that make our contributions to the universe specific to the puzzle that makes us One. This can only be accomplished by You Being You, the beautiful Child of God uniquely created in His Light and specifically defined in His Master Plan. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah. 

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