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God Blessed Morning Family! 

As God continues to give us His Best we must do the same not only for ourselves and each other but for Him as well. It is pleasing to Know that God will always give us His Best, but we must understand that He did not create us to be mediocre, for He has given us all a specific and special talent. For He defines us to be a reflection of Him and all He has to give us is His Best. There are days in which we don't perform our Best or feel it would not be noticed if we did not have the Best intentions towards one another, but just imagine if God thought the same way. What a disaster that would be, for we would not know what to expect nor would we believe He had the best intent towards us and therefore, what would be the point in this journey. It must be understood that we are here to serve a greater purpose which requires the Best of us, for if it didn't then anyone could fill our shoes, and we Know that is not possible. God created you to fulfill a specific task/purpose and anything less than our Best would mean that we serve in vain and without regard to the overall outcome of His Master Plan. Fortunately we Know this not to be true for, "But earnestly desire the best gifts. And yet I show you a more excellent way." 1 Corinthians 12:31, for these gifts are our Best talents in which He has bestowed upon us and in return He has given us His Best in the form of Blessings, Grace, Mercy and Unconditional Love. Desire to do your Best and it will reflect not only in your God given talent but also in on your daily actions, thoughts and overall Spiritual energy, for our Best can always be better but either way Know that you are not only a recipient of His Best to whom much is given but is also required to fulfill your destiny in which He has given you the Best of everything needed to do as such. Therefore, you would have to try very hard not to do your Best for it is written that you are not only a recipient ofvHis Best you are the Best of Him. Be Still And Know That I Am.  Amen. Hallelujah.


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