God Blessed Morning Family! 

Those with Faith Do and those without Faith dream. It is okay to dream for what we dream of is at times manifested into our reality. But it is those of us who choose to only dream because we find it safer than doing for we are afraid of failure but it is this fear that takes over where Faith should be. For when we have fear we lack Faith. Dreaming is to assist us in clarifying not only our possibilities but also our actions, for before we act we must formulate an action plan and most of the times this plan comes in the form of dreams. For it is when we dream we silence the outside stimulants which at times cause distractions and cloud our thoughts. It is during our state of rest when we can clearly connect with the information God chooses to pass on to us to give us clarification of the steps in which we must take in order to fulfill His ordained prophecies regarding our destiny. Everything is done in His Divine Order of Time and our dreams come to us in that same order. For no action is to be taken before it's appropriate time and therefore what we might perceive as day dreaming and procrastination is all part of His Divine Order. But don't confuse this with inaction due to fear and lack of Faith for our dreams are not just for pleasure and leisure they are for giving us clarity and a sense of direction for every dream has a purposeful meaning. We might not be able to understand the dream but it serves a purpose even if it is to prep us for what is to come or to jog our memory, or put us into a state of relaxation in order to release stress. There is a reason we dream for God does everything with a purpose, so don't be afraid to dream for they are messages from God giving us little treasured roadmaps of what is to come and insight into our capabilities. For with Him by our side all things are possible and when you have Faith don't be afraid to dream big for the sky is not our limit, for He has made it so that we are beyond any limitaions, for we are Dream big and soar high in our Faith. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah.

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