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God Blessed Morning Family!  

"Thank You Jesus!"To say this phrase of thanks is to not only thank Him for what blessings have just occurred in your Life but to thank Him for the sacrifice of His Life. To thank Him is to praise Him for all the Glory and Mercy that has been bestowed upon us, and most of all we must thank Him for being the catalyst of the unconditional Love and Forgiveness in which God has bestowed upon us. Who amongst us would give of ourselves to save another, not to only save them from sins in which they recently committed but sins that would occur over future generations? It takes someone with a heart so forgiving and filled with Love that they can see beyond their own needs and those of their immediate family in order to make a sacrifice so great that it would not only affect those who sacrificed Him but their generations to come as well. Most of us reside on the side of our flesh and if we were faced with this choice today we would not only seek to save ourselves we would strike out on a quest for revenge upon those who tresspassed against us and their future generations. We must understand that the opposite occurred with Christ, for He not only asked for their forgiveness He also has continued to forgive those generations which will occur beyond our existence. This is why He is worthy of our Praise and why it is important for us to understand that when we utter the words "Thank You Jesus" it is not only for what blessings He has bestowed upon us today but for the sacrifice He has made in the past that covers our sins over multiple generations. For "We know love by this, that he laid down his life for us . . ."1 John 3:16 and He is worthy of more than just our Praise for He is worthy of the sacrifice of our Lives. Thank You Jesus! Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah. 


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