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God Blessed Morning Family! 

When we are confronted by someone who's intentions are not good towards us is it okay to meet their aggression with agression? There is the instinct within us to fight or give flight, but at times we Live in the flesh and allow our ego to take over to the point in which we match those who mean us no good with aggression. Instead of stepping back and taking a moment to pause and sort out exactly what is going on we tend to respond in hast and at times we are regretful of our actions. If we gave ourselves a moment to see that what is occurring is not about the flesh but about challenging our Faith we would then see every aggression for what it truly is which is a questioning of our Faith, a test of our willingness to give our challenges over to God. Road rage, hostile environments and bullying are things which can test our patience on a daily basis. These are things in which society says is okay to respond to with aggression but they all fall under the same category of testing our Faith. It is one thing to Pray for patience but another to respond to a situation with patience. Don't allow the evils and darkness that lurks in our environment to test your Faith, always choose the side of the least aggressive so that you can see the Hand of God take charge of what is to occur and not your ego. Pride and ego has no place in your Life when it comes to dealing with an aggressor for they shall all fall short, for no weapons formed against you shall prosper. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen Hallelujah. 


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