God Blessed Morning Family! 

Praise God for no Prayers will go unanswered. God answers all Prayers no matter if you are humble or bitterly angered for He does not hold us accountable for our emotional grudges nor does He judge us for He Knows our heart. As long as you are acknowledging Him and His Power to do all things He will answer your Prayers. Now that does not necessarily mean that He will answer them in the manner you desire for He may not give you exactly what you are Praying for but regardless He will give you what you need in a response that is filled with Love. For everything we desire and Pray for is not meant for us, and at the moment it is not received we might not be able to see the benefit in not receiving what we asked for in Prayer. Some how eventually if we open our hearts we will be fortunate enough to see God's hand we will understand that He did answer our Prayers with what He Knew to be best for us not only in that moment but also what is best overall for our journey. There are times in which we Pray for someone else to see the Light of God but they continue to falter and remain in a web of darkness. Well the truth is that we can Pray for others but if they have not asked us to Pray for them they will not be open and receptive to receive the Love of God in which our Prayers are formed. Also when we Pray for ourselves it is important that we are receptive to the path in which He places before us in answer to our Prayers. For when we Pray we are saying we are at His Mercy and will follow His Word because we understand that the Power and Will of God is always beneficial to our journey for He has ordained our destiny and all is well, for His Love is the answer to all Prayers. Be Still And Know That I Am.   Amen. Hallelujah. 

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